Uilleann Pipes Reeds

I started to make reeds for uilleann pipes chanter and regulators in 2008. I was inspired by the works of several reed-makers, however the design I use is my own.
I supply reeds that are finished and ready to play, yet seeing as uilleann pipes are instruments with little standardisation, in certain cases I will need the set components that are to be reeded close at hand, in order to fit the reed properly.
The cane I use comes from the south of Spain. I treat the interior of the gouged cane with a thin paraffin coat (tone is unaffected by this process). In this way, the reed is slightly more protected by humidity changes; furthermore, I can wet the tails of the reed head before the tidying up process, preventing breakages, and allowing the cane to get used to its new shape much more quickly than compared to a “dry” binding.
For the bridle, instead of the traditional copper strip, I use wire of the same material, winded and blocked in position by twisting it. Apart from being more respectful to the surface and the curvature of the cane, I think that this method is easier to work with when you have to open/close the reed head, or substitute the bridle.
The staple is made from a brass tube. Its diameter greatly affect the tuning between the two octaves: I use different sizes, but I usually start from a tube which has a 4 mm internal diameter, which is applicable to the majority of chanters.
You can follow my reedmaking activity and listen to a few instruments I made a reed for on my facebook page.